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More Than a Car Company®

At Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA), we are committed to being More Than a Car Company. This guiding principle is at the core of everything we do and helps us provide customers with excellent products and services, while improving the lives of those within our communities.

The team is made up of 1,400 colleagues at our U.S. headquarters, field offices, training facilities, regional distribution centers, and ports. We work with 6,500 people at our sister facility, Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) and 40,000 people at our retail centers. These individuals are the driving force of the Subaru Love Promise and make it possible to be More Than a Car Company.

Read more about our commitment to belonging, safety, and growth for our teammates in the Our People section.

Our Parent Company: Subaru Corporation

Our parent company Subaru Corporation (SBR), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has guided our commitment to be a company dedicated to strong corporate responsibility, principles, and convictions.

As part of this commitment, SBR created our mid-term management vision called Speed, Trust, Engagement, and Peace of Mind and Enjoyment (STEP), to help build trust that resonates with customers. This programming was launched in 2018, and we have since established a range of initiatives primarily centered on “Corporate culture reform,” “Quality enhancement,” and the “Evolution of the Subaru difference.” We are proud of the progress we have made in these areas and look forward to furthering our engagement in business activities that prioritize our customers.

Key SBR achievements from 2023 include signing a “National Park Official Partnership” agreement with Japan’s Ministry of Environment, establishing a sustainable finance framework, and declaring support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.


Task Force on Climate‑Related Financial Disclosures

Japan Ministry of Environment

Japan Ministry of Environment

In 2023, SBR welcomed Atsushi Osaki as the new CEO of the company. Read more about our parent company.

Our Sister Company: Subaru of Indiana Automotive

SIA is SBR’s U.S.-based manufacturing facility and is a key leader in environmental management across the company. Industry-leading sustainability initiatives enabled SIA to become the first U.S. auto plant to earn International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Certification in 1998 and zero-landfill status in 2004.

The SIA Foundation was founded in 1997 and has since given $3 million to fund nonprofit projects across Indiana. Read more about the impact of the SIA Foundation on their website.

Our Retailers

Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) relies on a network of over 630 retailers across the U.S. to work directly with our customers. Our retailers are not just focused on selling cars but on building lifelong relationships with their customers, earning their trust, and exceeding their expectations by providing customer service with integrity and compassion. This relationship with our customers is what makes Subaru More Than a Car Company and enables our retailers to be More Than a Car Dealer.

A group of Subaru's retailer staff in front of a building displaying the company name
A bridge and tower in Camden, New Jersey

Our Hometown:  Camden, New Jersey

We have called Camden, New Jersey, our home since 2018. We believe in giving back to our hometown and over the years have worked closely with residents and community leaders to address the most pressing needs in our city. The Subaru of America Foundation, Inc., has made notable philanthropic contributions across two major categories in Camden: environment and employment. Read more about our hometown initiatives in our Camden Commitment section.

Our Facilities

Our campus in Camden, New Jersey, reflects our commitment to the environment. Our headquarters and National Service Training Center buildings have been thoughtfully designed with elements that limit our environmental footprint and focus on sustainability. We are also continuously seeking out other strategies and opportunities that can help us save energy and be a good neighbor.

U.S. Green Building Council LEED Silver Certified Seal

LEED Silver Headquarters

Our Camden campus is certified LEED Silver, demonstrating our commitment to help reduce our environmental impact. The following are some of our building’s many green features:

Share the Love® Garden

The Subaru Share the Love® Garden entered its 16th year in 2023. Located on the grounds of our headquarters, the organic garden was designed by the Center for Environmental Transformation, a local urban farming nonprofit, and is tended to by Subaru volunteers. Each harvest is donated to our partner in Camden, Cathedral Kitchen, that uses the bounty to support those in need. In 2023, Subaru donated 663 pounds of food, for a cumulative total of over 8,200 pounds. For more details on the Share the Love Garden, see Subaru Loves to Help.

Waste Management


Subaru has been participating in recycling initiatives since well before they were a state mandate. We have continued to prioritize recycling in our waste management practices and are regularly searching for new ways to improve our paper usage and recycling process. In 2023, Subaru eliminated 1,559 pounds of waste across the company. We are also exploring new ways to manage food waste through our partnership with Eurest, our food service vendor, that is engaging in conservation efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle via their Waste Not program. Through this partnership, we strategically place food scrap containers throughout our offices to collect employee food waste. This waste is then transported to be repurposed as animal feed or compost.

Food Waste Reduction

4,089 pounds

Food Waste Diverted from Landfills

15,727 pounds

of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) prevented from entering atmosphere*

*according to the United Nations methodology

Printing Offsets

Subaru has continued our participation in the PrintReleaf™ paper consumption offset program through our partnership with Allied Printing.This program helps us measure our paper consumption and offsets our environmental footprint by reforesting at planting sites of our choice. In 2023, Subaru saved 320,829 sheets of paper.


Subaru works with our employees to help ensure the proper recycling of e-waste generated both in and out of the office. Our collection during our 2023 Earth Day event led to 1,118 pounds of e-waste being collected and diverted from landfills.

Water Management

Subaru believes in the value of stormwater management infrastructure to help mitigate the impacts of extreme weather and invests in proactive site engineering measures. This includes raising existing site grades up to five feet and planting wetland vegetation in areas with poor drainage. In 2023, these water management techniques were an important piece of our responsible storm management strategy and helped us conserve 128,734 liters of water. The Subaru rain garden also helps reduce runoff by retaining a portion of stormwater that would otherwise contribute to flooding in the nearby Cooper River.

Other Facilities

In 2023, Subaru installed LED lighting in two of our regional distribution centers (RDCs) located in Coppell, Texas and Lebanon, Indiana. The installation of energy efficient lighting will help reduce energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

Subaru is also committed to reducing waste in all our RDC locations. In 2023, Subaru recycled a total of 2,131 pounds of waste across all sites, which included wooden pallets and e-waste, and had a combined recycle rate of 85.3%.