A person wearing an orange Subaru T. shirt, smiles and caresses a dog in an open trunk of a car.

Subaru Loves Pets®

Pets make the world a better place, and Subaru is committed to helping all our furry friends find loving homes. Subaru has donated more than $51 million to national and local organizations since 2008, which has supported the adoption, rescue, transport, and health of over 420,000 animals.

Retailer Adoption Initiative

During the month of October, Subaru and more than 600 participating retailers joined forces with local shelters, rescues, and pet organizations to help find loving homes for animals by hosting a combination of in-person and virtual pet adoption events. Together, we helped over 52,000 shelter pets find a loving home. Participating retailers also donated more than $1.8 million to hundreds of local shelters, rescues, and pet organizations, helping support the care of animals across the country.

An adult squatting and a child sitting on the floor, both playing with a black dog.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® Partnership

We continued our partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) in 2023 and allocated $766,000 to animal shelters throughout the U.S. This partnership had a positive effect on over 13,000 animals in 2023 by backing adoption efforts and offering crucial pet wellness services. Subaru donated $20 to the ASPCA for each Genuine Subaru Pet-Friendly Accessory sold in October, donating a total of $10,000. Additionally, a contribution of $1 was made for every “Animals” Badge of Ownership purchased, which resulted in a total of $5,663 to support the ASPCA.


allocated to animal shelters throughout the U.S.


animals impacted by backing adoption efforts & offering wellness services


donated through selling Genuine Subaru Accessories


generated through purchased "Animals" Badge of Ownership

A Camden Police Officer holding a white little puppy.

National Make A Dog’s Day

The fifth annual celebration of National Make A Dog’s Day took place in 2023. This initiative encouraged dog owners to engage in special activities for their pets and emphasized the importance of considering the adoption of shelter dogs with special needs, endearingly known as Underdogs.

Auto Show Pet Adoptions

We invite all attendees at major auto shows around the country to take a moment and consider the possibility of adding a new, loving pet to their families. Subaru has contributed to connecting families with their future pets at auto shows nationwide through the organization of dog adoption events. In 2023, Subaru took part in 33 shows across the country, resulting in:

52 pet organizations



in contributions

174 successful pet adoptions

and the completion of 362 adoption applications

Animal Shelter Donations

We collaborated with more than 100 team members nationwide for a Love Promise® Animal Shelter volunteer initiative as part of our commitment to help all animals find caring homes. We donated almost 200 volunteer hours to make over 2,000 dog toys from upcycled T-shirts. We also included 61 towels, 42 linens, 14 blankets, 2 dog beds, 6 dog outfits, 3 cat beds, and 10 dog toys in our donations.

Two people seated and wearing a 'Subaru Loves Pets' T. shirts making pet toys from scrap fabric.

Operation Frodo

Subaru continued its sponsorship of Operation Frodo, a program to rescue Beagles and other dogs from pet shelters in the Midwest and shuttle them to the Pacific Northwest to new homes. Operation Frodo is an initiative created by pet-loving journalists to help dogs find new homes. In 2023, Operation Frodo saved several dogs and transported them nearly 2,000 miles to welcoming and loving new homes.

Autotrader’s Best Car for Dog Lovers

The 2023 Subaru Forester has made Autotrader’s list for Best Cars for Dog Lovers. It is the ultimate choice for those seeking dog-friendly features and a comfortable ride for both owners and their furry friends.