Subaru Loves Pets®

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Pets provide love and companionship to millions of people. And yet, each year, 6.3 million companion animals enter shelters. Subaru and our retailers believe all pets deserve to find loving homes. Since 2008, Subaru and our retailers are proud to have donated over $51 million and positively impacted 420,000 animals across the country. We are the largest corporate donor to the ASPCA® and look forward to growing this partnership in the future.

Retailer Adoption Initiative

Subaru and our retailers work with local shelters across the country to host adoption events and make donations to local pet organizations.

In 2022, Subaru and our retailers helped over
47,000 shelter pets find loving homes.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) Partnership

Through our partnership with the ASPCA, over $731,000 was distributed to animal shelters across the U.S in 2022, impacting nearly 11,000 animals through adoption and other pet wellness services. In October, Subaru also donated $10 for select Genuine Subaru Accessories purchased through any participating Subaru retailer’s Subaru Parts Online website as well as $1 for every “Animals” Badge of Ownership purchased. A total of $15,000 from these initiatives was donated to the ASPCA.

National Make A Dog’s Day

In 2022, we celebrated our fourth annual National Make A Dog’s Day, which invites all dog lovers to do something special for their furry family members and encourages them to consider adopting shelter dogs with special needs, or Underdogs, as we call them.

Our hometown of Camden, New Jersey, is home to thousands of pets, and this year we celebrated a Camden National Make A Dog’s Day event.

Auto Show Pet Adoptions

We are committed to showing love for our furry friends and welcome all show attendees to stop by and consider adding a loving pet to their family. Subaru has helped families visiting auto shows across the country find their next pet by hosting dog adoption events. In 2022, Subaru participated in 36 auto shows nationwide across the country, equating to:

282 Pet Adoptions

and 403 adoption applications completed

72 Pet Organizations


198 Days

of pet adoptions


in donations

Animal Shelter Donations

We believe we have a responsibility to help all pets find a loving home. That’s why we helped bring together over 170 teammates across the country for a Love Promise Animal Shelter volunteer project in September and October. These efforts included:


old blankets, sheets, towels, basketballs, and soccer balls donated

2,909 Shelter Toys

created by deconstructing donated shirts

170 Subaru Participants

in-person and virtual